But this decision is not so simple. If I go … What are the current projects?

This offer has been made by Google.

Does development of ET language stop?

I must say that: the project that has been under construction for more than 10 years is not easily abandoned. And do not worry because we do not destroy the project.

If my decision is final and there is no problem, I will go to Google … and there is likely to be working on developing the next generation Go language.

But this does not make projects abandon.

Can a person or group work for a rival project?

We must say that Google is not our rival.

Persons need Google. Google needs persons.

We can progress with each other’s help.


We not should think then why to help our friends.

It’s a fact. All persons need others.

Do not forget that we not should trying to be better of friends. We should try to make a better place for all. myself, friends, other persons.

The main goal is to help the community and progress.

We should try to we be more usefull for all.


It seems to be doing better.

Work that is more effective.

Choosing this is a hard way and requires a lot of thought and advice.

Perhaps it could be more effective and useful in another way.