In any case, this can be generalized to humans.

Consult and Speak

Of course, some of them are scholars and have a lot of good activities.

But beware.

Do not consult and speak with any person.


Humans are different

  • Some of them work just for their position.
  • And some to help and progress others around.
  • There are also other categories that appear in both types, but prefer their positions in sensitive situations.

I’ve heard this recently from a professor. A person has managed and engineered more than 200 valuable buildings. No cost (religious buildings are worth billions)

He is a famous person in the region.

One who can relate transitive concepts of mathematics, such as integral, and so on to the unity of God.

It’s so important. While talking to a professor Will he really want to hear and help you?

Prime Number

I spoke with another professor last night about finding the new prime number … he did not show much interest.

And he did not behave well.

My initial question was: Have you ever made progress and helped others?

Because I wrote an article too. He did even not read the text. In a few seconds, he looked at the sheets And said well.

At least some minutes he should be checked on the sheets.

Certainly, if he was in this case … his name was in the first names of the project. He does not know what opportunity and suggestion he lost.

Of the 200 conference papers and ISI that he has published. Has able to help the people of his area? Has he contributed to the interest of his students?

No matter. Whatever he is thinking of himself.

But it loses more than anything else and loses opportunities.

To the health of the professors and people who really help humanity.