Here I want to tell from the past. It’s about a some of years ago.

When there was an Android operating system.

I suppose this was for before 2015.

App Icon

A sample project using this technology : :

		<style url="">
		<items layout="" style="#listview"/>

index.script :

	<net_get src="" save="data">
	<json_decode input=$data save="input">
	<items target="#listview">
		<list $input = $item>
			<item_add input=[
</load> :

<box style="#item">
	<box style="#left">
		<image style="#image">
	<box style="#right">
		<label style="#title" size="20px">
		<label style="#text" size="16px">
</box> :

	<item #listview>
</style> :

	<name="Name Of App">