On December 4, 2018, they notified me. And I was invited to attend a conference in the future.

Rust Programming Language

They request me to talk about the programming language for members of the community and students , university.

The subject was just about the Rust Programming Language.

Smart people were there.

A university ranked about ~400 in the world. (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019)

It was also a suggestion for me to teach others some things. And tell them about this programming language.

Maybe they’ll teach me something. We do not know the future!

Presentation files will be posted here soon. It will also be sent to the Rust Development Team.

I apologize to them for not consulting them. I went to this conference without their coordination.

Hoping for further success of this technology.

At the conference : I tried to ask a lot of questions

Because I also went there to learn. I need to know more about people.

They did not know about this programming language. And it seems to be normal in that area. Only a few of them knew it (only name of this programming language). But that’s not enough.

I do not know why Rust is as good as it can not popular yet. (Personal using)

If the university pay all the coordination and the cost of advertising it. It’s likely that I will run a free workshop for this technology

But again I have to go there and it’s not so simple. There is little free time.

Someone has sent me a message and have asked if this is a competitor? Not so. We are mutually reinforcing.

I have already had talks with the development team and I am familiar with them. I hope that we will have an opportunity again to work together.

Hoping for more success.



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